Waste Tech Services negotiates trash contracts for businesses that pay for waste removal. We do this at no risk and no cost to the businesses for whom we work.

We have created buying co-ops in all the major cities in the United States. Our fees come from the client’s current trash-hauling budget. Therefore, there is essentially no cost for our services.

We are successful thanks to the specialized knowledge we have of the waste disposal industry. Our experts have worked for the largest garbage companies in the world. Our years of experience in the waste industry have exposed us to all the possible opportunities to save you money. More importantly, our large pools of waste partnerships with vendors around the country give you buying power that you could never achieve alone.

The Process

  • Once you “okay” our agreement, provide us with copies of your most recent invoices, and authorize us to represent you in the marketplace, your work is basically done! It’s that simple.
  • We secure a copy of the operative agreements from your garbage vendors and stop any automatic renewals from continuing.
  • We identify any overcharges, unnecessary services or other unfavorable issues in your current agreements.
  • Once your existing agreements expire, we negotiate new contracts that will include all the necessary terms and conditions to reduce your trash costs.
  • You share savings with us only when your cost reduction has been realized.

The Result

  • Your cost is reduced substantially – sometimes in half.
  • No management time is required on your part to achieve these savings.
  • Contracts for all your locations will be standardized, and will include special provisions that benefit you rather than the waste haulers.
  • Each of your locations will know with certainty what their rates will be for the next five years.
  • No hidden costs or price increases will take you by surprise.
  • You have a partner who will solve your trash problems from now on.

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