Waste Tech Services (WTS) began as an idea – an idea that Ann Johnson Owens had one day in 1993 while she was cutting her grass with a push mower. At the time, she had built a successful career as a salesperson for one of the largest trash hauling companies in the seven years she was employed there (1987 – 1994).

Having been on the inside for so long, her knowledge of the industry was already quite vast, enabling her to see the inefficiencies that plague larger companies. Ann realized she could utilize her knowledge of the industry to save clients money – in an honest and transparent way.

Ann’s strategy was to assemble a group of clients with a sizable amount of trash containers, and negotiate new contracts for them all at one time – like a co-op. This ability to obtain volume pricing from the waste haulers has proven very successful, and has given careers to not only Ms. Owens but to a full staff of employees who have also become extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

This makes the entire staff at WTS a solid and professional organization dedicated to providing a high level of expertise and service to all their clients, whether it is a large corporation with many containers or a single location with just one.

Since its inception, WTS has negotiated thousands of contracts for clients and has realized millions of dollars in savings for the companies it represents. The company’s experience has shown that close to 94% of its clients have seen a savings in their monthly trash invoices by using its services.

Now, Waste Tech Services manages commercial, residential and industrial companies nationwide. For more information, feel free to contact us at (615) 771-1272!

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