Waste Tech Services has logged a new win with a contract with a major food distribution center, who has multiple locations nationwide, after demonstrating our skill in renegotiating their current trash removal contract and finding savings in their monthly expenditures. On just one location that utilizes two compactors and two dumpsters, Waste Tech Services was able to recover approximately $2,000 a month for this company.

As we negotiate on additional locations, the savings will extend to at least $6,000 a month. What many business owners believe is an easy task, is not. “People think they can do it themselves, but they can’t,” says Robert Rivers, Waste Tech Services’ National Sales Director. “On this agreement, we were able to point out red flags on their garbage invoice that they never saw; there were several points of concern not visible to the novice eye.” The client’s response was the proverbial, “You are kidding me?!”

The Waste Tech Services team works with a trained eye to find inaccuracies in invoices and opportunities in service agreements with trash removal companies that result in saving money and time for the client. This is a valuable service for anyone who is responsible for a company’s bottom line. Clients can hand over any service issues to our team, have full access to an account of all correspondence between our trash brokerage firm and the waste hauling company, and there is no direct cost as our fee comes from the current waste hauling budget. Another win-win for the waste hauling watchdog, Waste Tech Services!