If you are a property manager, whether of apartment buildings, a shopping center or multi-family complex, waste removal is part of your expenditures. Your contract with a waste management company may be costing you too much money. Unlike utilities, waste- removal is an unregulated industry where there is no governing organization, like a public service commission, to protect the customer. Waste management contracts affect your bottom line, so it’s worth a closer look to see how you can save money. The average savings can be in the hundreds even thousands of dollars every month.

The advantage to using a trash broker like Waste Tech Services is we have the ability to negotiate lower rates based on bulk, or co-op, pricing that an individual company does not have access to. Even if your company negotiates a national price with a waste hauler, chances are, you are not getting the lowest price. The terms of the contract and service provided are also important to evaluate and can save you time and money.

The 8 Benefits To Using A Trash Broker

1. Expert Review and Analysis

Waste Tech Services has negotiated over 6,000 contracts finding savings 94% of the time. We will review and analyze your current service contract and find every opportunity to save you money. We negotiate on your behalf to reduce your current rate or establish more favorable terms of the contract.

2. Ability to Negotiate Lower Pricing

Waste Tech Services has established co-ops around the country with rates that have already been negotiated that we in turn pass on to the customer. We can re-negotiate the agreement with your current waste management company or we evaluate new competitive bids in order to find the best long-term value.

3. Service Terms

It is also important to consider the terms of your service contract. Waste Tech Services negotiates a minimum five-year agreement. During that time, the contract will state no increases of any kind during the first 12 – 24 months of the new agreement. Other requirements we fulfill are the Certificate of Insurance as well as commitment to use landfills that meet or exceed EPA standards. The contract is non-renewable with no automatic rollover clause, which keeps you in control of your expenses.

4. Invoice Review

Waste Tech Services reviews all invoices for accuracy to ensure that each property has been billed correctly. Charges you may not be aware of can occur in line items like Tonnage Charge or Compactor Fees. Waste Tech addresses with the trash hauling company any credit or roll-back that is necessary. We do all the work to monitor and correct invoices so you don’t have to!

5. Monitor Weight of Garbage

Waste Tech Services monitors the weight of hauled garbage. If trash is not compacted correctly, you may be paying for the disposal of air.

6. Reporting Capabilities

  • Reporting capabilities include customized reports for each property that detail the following information:
  • Property’s currently monthly service levels and pricing.
  • New negotiated monthly rates.
  • Overall savings for each property.
  • Status of contract with the existing provider.

7. Recycling Opportunities

As a part of the base service agreement, recycling opportunities for each property will be identified. This may reduce the amount of trash going into the waste stream, thereby reducing overall costs.

8. There’s No Risk!

There is no cost to use our service. We just split the savings with the customer. A free consultation is an easy way to see what we can do for you – and we work for you only if we can save you money!