Waste Tech Services is celebrating 20 years as a successful women-owned and operated business! The company was founded on an idea to solve a unique business problem that has grown to serve hundreds of companies, saving them hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month. Waste Tech Services is certified by the Women Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) and has reached over $1 million in annual revenue.

Founder and CEO Ann Johnson Owens had worked in the waste disposal industry for seven years when an idea struck one day in 1993 while cutting her grass. Solid waste is an unregulated industry, and what Owens dispelled were errors that occurred in a company’s trash removal invoices, as well as service issues, which resulted in a company spending unnecessary money. Waste Tech Services also renegotiates waste hauling contracts based on national buying co-ops and shares the savings with their clients.

Owens says, “Our clients cannot wait to tell other business owners what we’ve been able to accomplish for them in real dollars every month. We still have our very first client, and we feel that speaks volumes to other businesses that are in need of our service. We’ve grown our business one dumpster at a time!”

Waste Tech Services’ client base reaches nationwide, which includes property management companies, restaurants, retail and more. They have a staff of six full-time employees who monitor and negotiate for over 5,600 properties.