The benefits to using a trash broker go beyond just negotiating a good rate for a company to haul away your trash. We understand how rates are negotiated with waste hauling companies, how landfills determine their charges and how containers and compactors are measured – all of which can be manipulated by companies without the client’s knowledge and end up as unnecessary charges on their bill. We even have the ability to comb through invoices and terms of a contract to locate incorrect charges and negotiate better terms. As a result, the client can save a significant amount of money each month.

Here are 9 ways a trash broker protects their clients from a waste hauler’s miscalculations and manipulations.

  1. Negotiate better disposal rates for each property individually and/or by each market area.
  2. Negotiate more favorable terms and conditions for each contract to protect against built-in overcharges and opportunities to manipulate fees. This can include overcharges on landfill fees and fuel surcharges, price increases and more. We have the ability to lower or omit certain fees.
  3. Monitor all monthly invoices to maintain consistency and contract adherence by matching terms and conditions set forth in the contract.
  4. Monitor weekly service levels and advise accordingly to prevent accounts from being over-serviced, i.e., the size container or number of pick ups you’re charged for each week.
  5. Right-size the container when needed so the client does not continue to pay for the disposal of air.
  6. Make sure correct compactor equipment is in place and pressure gauges are calibrated properly so that the client is not paying for the disposal of rainwater.
  7. Keep accurate records (never purge) of all correspondence with garbage hauler on behalf of client and made available on a secure website for clients inspection at all times.
  8. Handle any service issues (broken equipment, driver issues or cleaning) and any service level changes requested by client so client’s personnel don’t have to.
  9. Make any corrections (debits or credits) to a client’s account with the hauling company and post correspondence on our secure website.

We look out for the client protecting them from waste hauler’s mishandling of fees. The client always has easy and secure access to our website where they can view all correspondence we have had with their waste hauling company. Hiring a watchdog gives time back to the customer so they can concentrate on their business without the worry of what their waste haulers are doing to affect their service and costs. We protect the client’s money, which means bigger savings to the client.