All, Last week one of our employees and her husband wanted to take their daughter out to dinner for her 17th birthday.  The birthday girl decided to go to a restaurant here in the Cool Springs area.   WHEN all of the sudden a car came slowly around the corner with TWO HUGE garbage bags on the trunk of their car.  This car made their way to the DUMPSTERS. Then just like that, threw them in!  Must have been really BAD TRASH to not have been good enough to ride in the car.  Our employee had to explain how this behavior was SO wrong.   Her husband said to theift daughter “ AND NOW YOU HAVE BEEN TRASH-PLAINED!

FYI folks,  This is totally illegal.  Companies pay thousands of dollars annually.  Many business’s pay these cost monthly to have garbage service.  Report illegal dumping to your local sheriff’s office!  Environmental laws are real. It is also important each county have a District Attorney willing to prosecute these individuals.